The use of self-storage units is gaining in popularity these days, and there are different reasons that contribute to the growing popularity. Whatever the reason, self-storage allows people to store their important belongings safely and at an affordable price.

Following are the most common reasons people use self-storage facilities:

Lack of Storage Space at Home

Most people are hesitant to let go of things that are still in fine condition, even if there is no longer any use for them. Sometimes, people hold on to things because they plan on passing them on in the future, or there might come a time when a need for these things will again arise. While waiting for the right time to dispose or use these items, keeping them in a self-storage facility will help maintain their good condition.

With housing costs expected to continue to rise in the future, some parents are starting to store furniture like tables, chairs, and cabinets, in preparation for the time when their kids would make the leap and start to live on their own. A self-storage unit would be perfect for this purpose.


Expecting a New Baby

If you are expecting to welcome a new member of your family soon, you may need to clear a bedroom to make room for the things the baby will need. You can transfer all the existing furniture that you don’t need like the spare bed and reading table into a self-storage unit.

You may not want to completely dispose of these things since you may need them again in the future when the child is old enough to use them. In case you change your mind, you always have the option to sell.


Moving to a New Home

In some cases, people find the need to move out of their current home even before the new home they will move into is ready. Otherwise, they may lose a sure buyer for their old house. A self-storage unit can help store your belongings while you look for a permanent place to move in or while waiting for your new home to be ready for occupancy.

A storage facility is also a good option if you are downsizing, and you don’t want to sell or give away your extra stuff yet. This will give you enough time to decide which items to retain and which ones to let go.


Renovating Your Home

To make room for builders to work on your home renovation project, you may want to temporarily keep your valuables in a self-storage unit. This way, your belongings will not get in the way of the renovation work. Damages to your sofas, tables, and other furniture will likewise be avoided.


Storage for Your Garden Furniture and Equipment

The end of summer signals the time to put all garden equipment and furniture away. There is no problem if you have enough space in your garage. But, what if you don’t? A good solution is to temporarily store the items in a self-storage unit, where they will be safe from the harsh elements.


Storage for Your Tools

If you work as a builder, decorator, painter, or gardener, you need to bring your tools to work daily. While you can always leave them overnight in your van, renting a small self-storage facility is a safer option. You can drop your tools off after each shift and go back to pick them up the following day. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your tools are safely stored under lock and key in a damp-free room.


The Gap Year after Graduation

Most students prefer to travel right after graduation from the university. The problem is they usually have nowhere to keep the belongings they have accumulated through their years in college. Often, their parents’ house also has no room for these extra baggage. A self-storage facility can hold on to these things until they come back from their trip and settle in a place of their own.


College Students during Summer

It is expected that students staying in the university will accumulate a lot of personal belongings throughout their college years. These include electronic devices, bed, TV, and sofa, among others. At the end of each school year, unless it is your last year, you would not want to take them all back home, only to bring them again the following school year. A self-storage unit near the university would be an ideal solution. You have all summer long to decide which to bring back to your dorm and which items to let go.


Working Away from Home

A good opportunity to work abroad or in another state for a year or two may be too good to pass up. A similar offer may not come again in your lifetime. If you own your own home, you may want to rent it out while you are away. If you don’t want to leave your furniture, appliances, and other belongings to your tenants, you may temporarily keep them in a self-storage facility. This way, when you come back, they will be in the same condition as when you left them.


Your Home Suddenly Becoming Too Big for You and Your Spouse

This will happen once your kids leave home for college. Some rooms in the house will be left without any occupants. Some homeowners opt to use the extra space to earn some cash by converting their home into a B & B. Some convert the vacant room into a TV or study room. However you want to make use of the extra space, there will be some items that you will no longer have use for. If you don’t want to keep them until your kids return home, you can store them in a self-storage unit.


These are some of the most common reasons people use self-storage facilities today. It is flexible in terms of the amount of storage space and the duration of the contract. Thus, it can be a good option both for long and short-term storage needs.


When deciding to rent a self-storage unit, there are important factors you need to consider, including your space requirements and the cost. After all, there are times when a basic self-storage unit will not be enough to store all your valuables.
Another important factor to consider is the temperature. There are climate controlled storage units available for this purpose. Some units can retain the required temperature on a consistent basis. Others even offer more advanced features like humidity control.
In most cases, the features of a basic self-storage unit are enough to keep a lot of different business and household stuff. However, there are items that require climate controlled storage. Otherwise, they may deteriorate with high humidity or extreme changes in temperature. These include electronics, musical instruments, fine art, and antiques, among others.

Main Advantages of Climate Controlled Storage Units

Following are some of the main benefits of self-storage units with climate control features. These will help you decide if it is the right type of storage for your particular needs:
• Protects Your Items from Extreme Temperature Changes – Temperatures can vary widely in many areas of the country. In some regions the temperatures can rise to more than 1000 during the peak of summer, and then drop to a temperature below freezing point at the height of winter. If you live in an area that experiences drastic changes in temperature, there may be a need to protect your personal properties from the harmful effects of extreme temperatures.
The constant changes in temperature may cause your sensitive items to warp, crack, or split. These include antiques, musical instruments, and wooden furniture. Likewise, your books, fine art, business records, and other documents may incur damages because of the wide swings in temperature.
A climate controlled storage unit maintains a consistent temperature that may range from above freezing point up to just below 80 or 900.
• Offers Superior Air Quality Inside the Unit – When searching for the right storage unit to rent, people often overlook a very important feature: air quality. A regular storage unit does not have the same type of sealing used in an indoor storage unit with climate control features. Thus, you need to open the unit from time to time to allow fresh air to get inside.
On the other hand, a climate controlled self-storage unit circulates air constantly. Thus, the air inside is always clean. You don’t have to open the storage often to invite fresh air in. Air quality is very important if you need to store sensitive electronic equipment or highly important documents.
• Offers an Additional Layer of Protection from Debris and Dust – A climate controlled storage unit is usually located inside a building or facility. The storage facility often has insulated and sealed roofs, floors, and walls. Because of this, the storage units are less prone to tracked-in dirt and flooding. Likewise, there is less chance for insects or rodents to get in and use your stored belongings as their home.
The tight seal also prevents dust and debris from easily making their way into your storage unit. You can be confident that you will find your things in the same condition when you left them. It doesn’t matter how long you store them – a few days, a month, or even several years.
• Offers Peace of Mind for a Little Extra Cost – Compared to traditional storage units, a climate controlled self-storage unit costs a bit more. The additional cost, however, is worth every penny if you consider the benefit of knowing that your precious items are safe from extreme weather and temperature changes.
On the other hand, if you only need to store items that are not temperature-sensitive for a short period of time, then a traditional storage facility may be enough for your needs.
• Offers the Added Protection of Humidity Control – More advanced climate controlled self-storage spaces are equipped with a humidity control feature. Initially, this may not appear to be a significant factor. The truth is, humidity can also affect the condition of your stored items.
Drastic temperature changes result to drastic humidity changes as well. Simply put, humidity control is necessary if the humidity experiences natural fluctuations.
Humidity control is very important if you are storing highly sensitive items such as antique furniture. Parts of the furniture may crack, rot, or warp if the air contains too much moisture. Thus, if you are planning on storing such items, make sure to find out if the climate controlled unit you are considering also has humidity control features. This way, you can lower excess moisture in the air by around 55%.
Storage units that are not equipped with humidity control usually remain damp for the duration of fall and spring. This allows mildew to thrive. This wouldn’t matter if you are storing items only for a short period of time. But, if you plan on storing your items longer, then you must make sure that they stay long under a humid environment, and without air circulation. It would be a lot like storing your items right in your basement for a long time.
Aside from moisture, inadequate humidity in the storage unit can damage wood items. It can cause the wood to craze, splinter, and dry out. At the peak of winter and summer, the dry air can adversely affect valuable items like electronic devices, musical instruments, and wines.

Final Word
These are some of the main advantages of using self-storage units with climate-control features. While these units cost a bit more, the extra protection they provide for your important possessions make every cent you spend worth it.
On the other hand, if you cannot afford the cost of a climate controlled storage unit, you can make do with a regular storage units. Just make sure that you access your storage facility often. Open the doors from time to time. This way, fresh air can come in, allowing humidity and odors that have built up over time to circulate out.

Just like any other equipment that you invest in for business and commercial purposes, your mobile homes, RVs, boats, and similar vehicles are investments that need to be protected. They cost a lot of money to procure and it is essential for you to maximize their use and keep them in great working order for a long time. In order to ensure that your investment is protected, you need somewhere safe to store it. The best option for you is a storage solution made especially for these kinds of vehicles.

What are Business and Commercial Storage Solutions?

You may have heard of personal storage solutions wherein you store small items and appliances that do not fit your home. People would often use this kind of storage solution when they move from a bigger house to a smaller house or when they need to relocate to another location on a temporary basis.
Commercial and business storage solutions offer similar services, except that the storage options vary in terms of size and purpose. Some of these solutions could offer spaces for documents and office equipment while there are those that specialize in bigger items such as RVs, boats, and commercial equipment. There are also those that cater to hauling companies and store trailer, 5th Wheel, & ATV units.

Why Use a Business and Commercial Storage Solution?

The obvious reason is that it is more expensive to buy or rent a piece of property specifically for storing the autos & trucks and commercial equipment that you use in your business. Your vehicles and equipment will also depreciate at a much faster rate if they are not properly stored. You need a business and commercial storage solution if you wish to realize the profits that you projected when you bought your vehicles and equipment.
To illustrate further, here are some of the risks that your autos & trucks and commercial equipment could be exposed to when you do not have a dedicated storage space for them:
1. Bumps, dents, and scratches – vehicles parked along the streets or anywhere else where they are not supposed to be are at risk of being hit by other vehicles, by flying objects, and by passersby. The damage that these accidents can result in could be as simple as a scuff mark on your paint job to as serious as a total wreck coming from a fallen tree. Even if you have a huge commercial vehicle, it does not mean that its size makes it immune to damage.
2. Vandalism – you cannot discount the possibility of vandals turning their attention to your company vehicles and commercial equipment. They can paint their gang sign or motto onto the sides of your delivery vans or rip out the advertising tarps on your mobile billboards. The can even deflate or steal the tires of your entire fleet and affect your delivery schedule.
3. Threat of being stolen – when you leave your vehicles and equipment in areas that do not have security guards and CCTV cameras, you are putting them at risk of being stolen. At best, the thieves could just steal a few items inside the vehicles and not run away with your vehicles. Still, whatever they steal would most likely worth some amount of money. Furthermore, the hassle of reporting the whole incident, making a case about it, and filing for your insurance claim is more trouble than you wish to deal with.

What You Will Enjoy with Commercial Storage Solutions

If you have company autos & trucks, boats, RV and motorhome units, trailer, 5th wheel & ATV trucks, and commercial equipment, you can benefit from renting space in commercial and business storage facilities. You get better security and protection for your vehicles and equipment. You also have the flexibility of choosing a storage solution depending on your own specific needs.
Take a look at the following pros of using a commercial storage facility:
1. You can choose how big your storage will be – unlike personal storage facilities where the spaces are pre-built in fixed sizes, business and commercial storage spaces can be configured based on your requirements. You can even scale up or down when your needs change.
2. You still get easy access to your items – you can easily retrieve your stored items easily using the access key or card provided to you. There are some facilities that give you access to your storage unit so you do not have to rely on their personnel to access your items.
3. You can be sure that your equipment and vehicles are secure and protected – storage solutions facilities have their own security personnel and equipment so that your stored items are protected from thieves and vandals. You can rest easy that you will not lose your investments to these criminal elements. Some storage facilities also offer insurance coverage for your stored items in case of a disaster or a calamity. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your items are kept safe and secure.

Storing Small Items

Big items such as RVs and boats are not the only things you can store in a commercial and business storage. You can also use their facilities to store smaller items such as office chairs and other supplies. They have mini storage units available for such instances. Small items that you can store inside mini storage units can include computers, office equipment, and backup data storage. Note that not all facilities offer backup data storage so be sure to check with them first.

Protect Your Investments

There’s great value in choosing to use business and commercial storage solutions. Whether you have personal RV and motorhome units for rent, a set of trailers, 5th wheel and ATV units, or a fleet of refrigerated delivery trucks your food service business, a business and commercial storage facility is the right choice for you. It is convenient and cost-effective. It is practical yet flexible. Assess your storage requirements and get a quote for the amount of space that you need to store your business vehicles and commercial equipment.

The self-storage industry has boomed in the last few decades. In 2009, the United States had about 46,000 storage facilities out of 58,000 units across the world. The number keeps increasing as more and more people opt to store their personal belongings or business products in rented spaces instead of stacking them in the basement, attic, or garage.
There are four primary reasons why storage spaces have become widely popular — dislocation, downsizing, divorce, and death. All these require space to store essential and memorable possessions.
If you have a place to build a storage facility or the chance to own a building, this can be a lucrative business for you. Whether you are a new entrepreneur or already in this business, you need customers to sustain your venture. And if you want to be successful, you need to constantly attract customers and keep existing tenants.

Here are some factors you need to consider:

Storage Units

The basic requirement is a facility which offers units that can cater to all kinds of storing needs. The units should have a variety of sizes to accommodate small to bulk amount of items.
Storage units must be well-kept. The walls should be painted regularly, gutters kept unclogged, and roofs made leak-proof. Customers want their valuable possessions safe and secured at all times.
Make sure to install the latest security system in every unit. This includes individual door alarms and closed-circuit television (CCTV).
For expensive and priceless possessions such as paintings, furniture, electronic equipment, and musical instruments, customers would definitely want to rent climate-controlled units.

Add-on Features

If you want to be at par or surpass your competitors in the self-storage industry, offer add-on features that can lure customers to choose your company. A one-stop self-storage facility is a great idea.
Here are some of the possible amenities and services you can offer:

Parking Space

People who are new in the area and living in apartments without a garage can have the option to rent parking space in your storing facility. It is less costly instead of renting a private garage. You can offer a daily, weekly, or monthly parking service to your customers. If you have a huge building, you can even offer space for yachts, boats and RVs. It will be more convenient to rent out self-storage units and parking space in one location.

24-Hour Access

This is for business owners who need to access their goods for inventory and delivery purposes. It is crucial for home-based entrepreneurs and business companies who have availed of self-storage units to have constant access to their products as part of their daily operations.
You can offer free WiFi service, install business centers, or provide delivery acceptance.

Online and Auto-Bill Payments

This is beneficial for customers who are stationed or need to relocate overseas. You can offer flexible lease arrangements such as monthly rental services and pre-payment discounts. If they opt for monthly payment, having an online and auto-bill payment system in place is ideal.

Moving Services & Packing Supplies

Truck rentals can benefit those who don’t have car to transfer their personal possessions to their rented self-storage unit. It is especially advantageous for students who are moving out of their dorms temporarily. With transport and packing supplies available, they can get a hassle-free transfer of their belongings. Likewise, offering student discounts is very much appreciated — you’ll up your chances that they’ll choose you over other self-storage facilities.
Whether you are new to the self-storage industry or you want to market your business to a wider range of clients, it is vital to stand out among the rest. Here are some of marketing strategies you can apply to make your self-storage business a success:

Create and establish your brand.

Every business needs an image, a brand, and/or an identity that sets it apart from the rest. Your brand becomes more established when you are able to provide not just the ideal leasing units but also by providing high-quality and exemplary service. You can do this by analyzing which service or feature is your unique selling point or USP. For example, you might be the only self-storage facility in the area to offer parking spaces or delivery services as add-ons. Capitalize on that so you can differentiate your business from your competitors.

Know your market.

Identify your target customers. You want to attract the right tenants. Of course, you like customers who can afford your rates but it’s also good to attract people who are amiable and follow your leasing rules. You want happy, satisfied customers to spread your excellent services to their friends and relatives.

Advertise your business.

You can use various advertising methods to promote your business — print, radio, TV, or the yellow. You can choose to have well-crafted messages sent through direct mail or email.

Create your company website.

Making your presence felt virtually is crucial. People are constantly searching for solutions and answers to all their needs, including self-storage facilities. Potential customers search the Web and make choices based on the services, rates, and customers reviews that they read on the Internet. Ensure that you have all the information you want people to know about your self-storage business, especially your contact details. Responding promptly to their queries won’t hurt either.

Distribute fliers.

This conventional method of promoting your business is still one of the most effective in terms of attracting prospective customers. Hand out flyers that show your business logo, information of your services, unit sizes, phone numbers, address, and contact person. Include a detailed map to help them locate your place.

Offer referral incentives.

Create a pool of “marketers” who will refer your self-storage facility to potential tenants. Giving them a percentage for every unit rented by the customer they bring is an ideal incentive.

Give out special discounts.

People will always love discounts. Attract prospective customers by offering special discounts to new customers or loyalty rewards for regular customers.

Harness the power social media.

Aside from your own company website, reach out to potential clients through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+. Update your social media accounts with posts containing positive reviews of your customers or articles that talk about the benefits of renting self-storage units. You can use your social media accounts to interact with your current and future clientele as well.

Check back and follow up on existing and prospective customers.

Ensure that you have regular communication with your past and regular tenants. Send customized holiday cards as a subtle strategy to remind them of your services.
The self-storage industry is fast becoming a saturated and competitive one, given the booming population and the rising premiums on space. Be one step ahead of your competitors and learn to attract more prospective customers by using the above mentioned strategies.

Having a self-storage space for large family heirlooms, recreational activity gears, or any excess furniture that are taking a lot of space in your house seems an ideal and trendy approach these days. Over 50, 000 self-storage facilities are budding all over the US.

Here’s something to remember though, when it comes to renting storage units

Tacoma’s top facilities can be expensive, especially for those on a tight budget.

To allot a chunk of budget for storage rent is a leap and needs to be justified by utilizing the space and making sure that the need to rent one is necessary in the first place.

Sort it out

The first step before considering a self-storage unit is to sort out your house. Make a list of the major furniture that you want to set aside then picture each room without it. After that, declutter and reorganize each room. Chances are, you already have more space in your house and the excess valuables can either be put in a storage space or a yard sale.

Sort out what’s valuable and what’s not. Many tend to hoard and get emotionally attached to their possessions that can cause their homes to look jammed or crowded. Note that if you are planning store a furniture only to keep it boxed after taking it home again, it has to go.

Find the right unit

After finalizing the furniture or stuff needed to be stored, you need to look for the appropriate kind of unit. Search for right storage unit that is good for your crafts and arts collection, or seasonal household supplies, recreational and lawn furniture, or even antiques. There are a number of storage types like indoor, outdoor, standard, heated, and climate-controlled spaces that will not damage your belongings.

Do not settle once you find a self-storage facility near your home. Search for all the self-storage units near you and compare their price range. If possible, you can even search for areas that offers low-cost rent spaces with larger units.

Size up your options

Note that the smaller the storage unit, the more money one can possibly save. After finding a reasonable priced-facility, drop by and see it for yourself. Picture how you can pile up your furniture. Use your Tetris game skills and plan on making it a puzzle with every space filled from top to bottom.

Measure the length and width of your belongings and plan on categorizing each stuff that can safely be placed at the bottom.


Finding a reasonable price is a step but negotiating to make it more affordable is another. Avoid settling on what’s on the paper and inquire if there are lower rates other than the ones they advertised. Justify why your request is needed. Not all prices are fixed and make sure to tally the price range.

Share the space

Consider sharing the space. Ask your friends, a relative, or co-workers who are also planning to rent a storage space. In this case, you can rent larger units that meet both of your desired budget.

Store it elsewhere

If you have large furniture or household supplies that are quite big, try lending it to a friend or a relative. You can also post an ad online to have your recreational equipment rented. This can be your time to be creative and acquire an entrepreneurial attitude. Turn your excess belongings into events equipment for extra income. If there’s really no room in your house, who says it has to stay there ‘always’?

Just note to store your most used belongings near the entrance of your storage units or somewhere that is easier to access. Pile up your belongings in a way that is convenient for you. If you constantly rearrange the piles in your storage, it might eventually damage or break some of the equipment.

Look for perks

As you negotiate for a lower rent rate, inquire or search if they are offering discount storage units. Tacoma’s biggest storage firms offer specials or discounts for students, the military, or members of certain organizations. Some even offer discounts for recreational items like kayaks and boat gears.

Ask for free racks and compartments. Make use of the occasional freebies or any perks that make your renting transaction smooth and convenient.

Inquire if you can have a free moving truck or assistance if you pay a few months ahead. There are also coupons or promos that are posted on self-storage websites during certain seasons that you can look forward to.

Box it properly

It is best to box your equipment and compartmentalize those that are irregular in shape or too small. Use bubble wraps on fragile antiques or glassware and make sure to put them on top of the pile. You can wrap fragile lamps, figurines, or porcelain items in old newspaper. Make sure that all items are dry before packing. At times, the ink on the newspaper can be transferred on your delicate glass wares.

It is a must that you label each box and categorize before moving on whether they are fragile or not. Place moth balls and insect repellant sprays in the storage units to ensure that rodents or insects won’t damage your belongings. If possible, place a dehumidifier in the unit.

Make an inventory

Make sure you have an inventory of everything that you put on the storage unit. You can make one while boxing and labelling your equipment, as well as when placing things in your storage unit. This can be helpful when categorizing your items based on weight.

This way, you can also monitor the items you take out or add in. It may be a tedious habit but knowing you have all your equipment on a checklist after the renting period can be a relief.

Have it ensured

Lastly, look for a storage facility that offers insurance for your items, especially if you have high-value items or antiques. If you’ll be renting storage units, Tacoma’s best facilities should be able to protect your personal items – providing assurance that everything is covered for cases of fire, theft, storms, or other accidents.