The use of self-storage units is gaining in popularity these days, and there are different reasons that contribute to the growing popularity. Whatever the reason, self-storage allows people to store their important belongings safely and at an affordable price.

The following are the most common reasons people use self-storage facilities:

Lack of Storage Space at Home
Most people are hesitant to let go of things that are still in fine condition, even if there is no longer any use for them. Sometimes, people hold on to things because they plan on passing them on in the future, or there might come a time when a need for these things will again arise. While waiting for the right time to dispose or use these items, keeping them in a self-storage facility will help maintain their good condition.

With housing costs expected to continue to rise in the future, some parents are starting to store furniture like tables, chairs, and cabinets, in preparation for the time when their kids would make the leap and start to live on their own. A self-storage unit would be perfect for this purpose.

Expecting a New Baby
If you are expecting to welcome a new member of your family soon, you may need to clear a bedroom to make room for the things the baby will need. You can transfer all the existing furniture that you don’t need like the spare bed and reading table into a self-storage unit.

You may not want to completely dispose of these things since you may need them again in the future when the child is old enough to use them. In case you change your mind, you always have the option to sell.

Moving to a New Home
In some cases, people find the need to move out of their current home even before the new home they will move into is ready. Otherwise, they may lose a sure buyer for their old house. A self-storage unit can help store your belongings while you look for a permanent place to move in or while waiting for your new home to be ready for occupancy.

A storage facility is also a good option if you are downsizing, and you don’t want to sell or give away your extra stuff yet. This will give you enough time to decide which items to retain and which ones to let go.

Renovating Your Home
To make room for builders to work on your home renovation project, you may want to temporarily keep your valuables in a self-storage unit. This way, your belongings will not get in the way of the renovation work. Damages to your sofas, tables, and other furniture will likewise be avoided.

Storage for Your Garden Furniture and Equipment
The end of summer signals the time to put all garden equipment and furniture away. There is no problem if you have enough space in your garage. But, what if you don’t? A good solution is to temporarily store the items in a self-storage unit, where they will be safe from the harsh elements.

Storage for Your Tools
If you work as a builder, decorator, painter, or gardener, you need to bring your tools to work daily. While you can always leave them overnight in your van, renting a small self-storage facility is a safer option. You can drop your tools off after each shift and go back to pick them up the following day. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your tools are safely stored under lock and key in a damp-free room.

The Gap Year after Graduation
Most students prefer to travel right after graduation from university. The problem is they usually have nowhere to keep the belongings they have accumulated through their years in college. Often, their parents’ house also has no room for this extra baggage. A self-storage facility can hold on to these things until they come back from their trip and settle in a place of their own.

College Students during Summer
It is expected that students staying in the university will accumulate a lot of personal belongings throughout their college years. These include electronic devices, bed, TV, and sofa, among others. At the end of each school year, unless it is your last year, you would not want to take them all back home, only to bring them again the following school year. A self-storage unit near the university would be an ideal solution. You have all summer long to decide which to bring back to your dorm and which items to let go.

Working Away from Home
A good opportunity to work abroad or in another state for a year or two may be too good to pass up. A similar offer may not come again in your lifetime. If you own your own home, you may want to rent it out while you are away. If you don’t want to leave your furniture, appliances, and other belongings to your tenants, you may temporarily keep them in a self-storage facility. This way, when you come back, they will be in the same condition as when you left them.

Your Home Suddenly Becoming Too Big for You and Your Spouse
This will happen once your kids leave home for college. Some rooms in the house will be left without any occupants. Some homeowners opt to use the extra space to earn some cash by converting their home into a B & B. Some convert the vacant room into a TV or study room. However you want to make use of the extra space, there will be some items that you will no longer have use for. If you don’t want to keep them until your kids return home, you can store them in a self-storage unit.

These are some of the most common reasons people use self-storage facilities today. It is flexible in terms of the amount of storage space and the duration of the contract. Thus, it can be a good option both for long and short-term storage needs.

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