Storage rental services are ideal for those who wish to store items for both short-term and long-term periods.
Even if it is your first time to consider a storage rental service, doing thorough research will help you find the right option. There are some basic questions you need to ask so you can find the storage rental services in Tacoma WA you are looking for.

Create a checklist and find out if your prospective storage rental companies meet these criteria:
24/7 Access
It can be too much of an inconvenience for a tenant if the storage facilities only operate on specific business hours. Not all storage rental companies offer 24/7 access, so you need to ask about the hours offered by your prospects. You will also have to take note that there may be a different gate and business hours. Business hours refer to the hours where a manager is available onsite while gate hours refer to the hours you can gain access to your unit or the facility.

Climate Control
You will also have to check with your self-storage company how they handle climate control. When it comes to climate control, keep in mind that the company should have control over temperature and humidity. In most cases, units are kept between a range of temperatures, especially during summer and winter months. There are valuables that may require a higher level of climate control.

Self-storage units are not only meant to keep your items but also protect them. It is not enough to use locks on your unit to keep your personal items safe as you also need extra security measures, such as gated key access, door alarms, 24/7 security guards, cameras, and secure building access.

Insurance and Special Requirements
The facility manager may require some documentation before you can proceed with using the facility. A valid photo ID is the most basic requirement you should secure. It should reflect your current address and emergency contact once you sign your lease. Ask if you are covered by self-storage insurance. Tenants are often required to have insurance, which is provided through rental or homeowners’ policy.

Lease Terms and Conditions
Frustration when using a self-storage facility often originates from the lack of a better understanding of the company’s terms and conditions. Before signing the lease agreement, make sure you have thoroughly understood the policies. If there are terms you are not clear about, ask questions.

Self-storage facilities have different payment options. It is important to ask the accepted payment options to avoid inconvenience. Aside from the payment options, also ask about how much notice the facility will require when ending your lease.

Self-Storage Misconceptions
Myth #1: Self-storage units are costly
Some customers who have not tried considering self-storage before may have a preconceived notion that the facility is too expensive. However, the prices are affordable and the additional fees you pay will depend on several factors, such as the size, location, and features of the unit.

Myth #2: Security is not guaranteed at self-storage facilities
Most self-storage facilities these days are equipped with security features to ensure that your belongings are stored safely. The security features include key code access, door alarms, video surveillance, and more. These facilities are also well-lit so resident managers can easily detect any suspicious behaviors.

Myth #3: Self-storage facilities provide limited services
Facilities have a vast range of self-storage resources depending on your needs. Self-storage services are not only meant to provide a space to keep your items, but also to ensure that your belongings are in good hands.

Myth #4: Self-storage units are outdated
Self-storage units never go out of style as many people still prefer them, especially on situations such as relocating or taking a vacation. Self-storage services are a whiff of fresh air because these can take care of your storage needs and ensure that a high storage standard is maintained.

How to get the most use of storage rental services in Tacoma WA
1. Know where you place your items
Even when placing items in a self-storage unit, there are still some instances when you need to remove certain belongings. This is why you need to make sure that you place the items you use frequently closer to the door for easier access. Also, label boxes or create a checklist so you will not have any difficulty finding your belongings when you need them.

2. Ensure items are insured
Avoid risking losing valuable items while keeping them in a storage unit as the fire or roof may collapse. The facility has no liability if your items are not insured. If you have an existing homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, you can ask the agent if the items you place in a self-storage unit are still covered under your insurance policy.

3. Take the environment into consideration
Your items could be damaged due to extreme temperatures. Wood furniture may warp due to extreme heat. You will need to check where the storage units are located and make sure that the facilities offer environmentally controlled units. Aside from temperature control, a facility must also offer pest control.

4. Avoid focusing on the price
When exploring self-storage unit options, avoid focusing only on the price. Since these facilities offer flexibility as you can access your belongings whenever you need them, you need to choose a company that offers services based on your needs. Finding a location that is nearby is also a practical option so you do not need to travel far just to access your items. If you are looking for storage rental services in Tacoma WA, be sure to focus on the services offered.

5. Create an inventory of your items
It is also important to know the items you place in a storage unit. Taking photographs or video of the items will help you remember the items. The inventory will also serve as a guide when deciding how much storage space you need. Aside from creating an inventory, list all items’ current and replacement value, so you will have an idea about the cost of buying the item brand new.

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