Marketing a self-storage rental for businesses and organizations is often done using online channels and general advertising practices these days. But, there are other ways to make it known that such self-storage rentals exist.

How to Market a Storage Rental for Businesses and Organizations
Here are some great examples of what can be done to get the word out about such services:

1. Community marketing – community marketing can be a great way to help build awareness about self-storage rental for businesses and organizations. This is done by getting involved in the activities of the communities near the facility. Self-storage rental companies can join nearby community events like local fairs, conferences, town hall meetings, and other gatherings in order to become more visible.

Companies can also try holding events or sponsoring events within the storage rental premises and invite the members of the business community so that they can see the facilities. It will be good to have people who are known in the business community and are considered to be influential in the guest list. If these people like what they see, they would not only avail of the services but also endorse or recommend them to their peers.

2. Sponsoring events – many events are held every day and getting the word out about self-storage rentals can easily be done by sponsoring one or several of these events. This, of course, will require the company to spend money. A good way to address the budget issue is to work out an exchange deal with the event organizers.

Free services or fee waivers could be offered in exchange for having a booth in the event where the company’s representatives can connect with the attendees and gather leads. Ideal for these sponsorships are events where owners and ultimate decision-makers of businesses and organizations that are most likely to need self-storage facilities are present.

3. Referral marketing – the idea behind referral marketing is to have existing customers help in finding new customers for the self-storage rental company. This can often be done for only a fraction of the budget that is required for full-on marketing campaigns. What the self-storage company needs to do is to provide incentives that will encourage customers to refer the company to their family, friends, and colleagues.

In any referral marketing campaign, the quality of the company’s services and the perceived value of the incentives are critical elements. The customers need to be satisfied with the services that they are getting. At the same time, the incentives have to be attractive enough to compel the customers to actually give referrals. Some companies give free items while some offer discounts and free services to referring customers.

4. Traditional advertising – companies with advertising budgets can choose to buy spots in traditional tri-media. A short mention from the local TV news anchor or a local radio DJ would be a good idea. Choosing the time slots when business owners and organization leaders are listening would also make the ad more effective.

Companies that wish to advertise would have to consider the production side as well. TV and radio ads, for instance, would require writing a script and hire talents. Companies would have to spend time and effort to come up with their advertising materials.

5. Promotions – probably the simplest way to market companies that offer self-storage rental for businesses and organizations is to hold promotions. These could also be quite costly. Depending on the available budget, advertising can be done through various channels. Flyers, posters, and brochures can be printed for display and distribution.

Promotions can be in the form of general campaigns as billboard ads, posters in the lobbies of business buildings, print ads in leading newspapers, pop-up internet ads, etc. They can also be done more strategically as targeted campaigns like direct mail special discount offers and business organization newsletter ad placements.

6. Printed materials – omnibus posters and flyers can be printed out for distribution to various audiences. Flyers can be left in take-one racks at convenience stores, bookstores, furniture stores, home depots, and other places where people usually go. Posters can be displayed in community bulletin boards, school announcement boards, and similar locations. To distinguish the brand from all the other companies using the same marketing channel, a self-storage rental company should ensure that its printed materials are well-designed and strategically displayed.

7. Freebies and giveaways – unlike fast-moving consumer goods like food, clothes, and gadgets, self-storage rental for businesses and organizations do not have any tangible product that they can give as free samples to organizations. To help promote their brand, companies can give out pens, hats, t-shirts, caps, and other promotional items. Aside from the company logo, the complete company details should be printed on the promotional items so that businesses and organizations can easily call or visit if they have inquiries.

All-occasion gifts to business owners, organization officers, and ultimate decision-makers can also be given. Corporate gifts and tokens are likewise popular during special events and holidays like Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. The gift does not have to be extremely expensive. More importantly, it has to be something that will be useful to the recipient and something that will make them remember the brand.

It is important to note that some companies have gift-giving policies that prevent employees and officers from receiving gifts. There are some that allow gifts that exceed a maximum value asset in their policies.

8. Tie-ups and partnerships with moving companies – moving companies can help build a clientele for self-storage rentals. Their own clients would most likely have the need for storage services as well. These clients are usually those who are downsizing or relocating their offices. Such a tie-up could entail giving commissions for every new customer that is referred by the moving company.
Partnerships and tie-ups can also extend the reach of the advertising efforts of companies offering self-storage rental for businesses and organizations. These businesses can arrange to have their logos and corporate information appear in each other’s promotional materials.

9. Social media marketing – this is one of the more popular ways to market various businesses these days. It is relatively inexpensive, yet flexible enough to serve the specific needs of each company. For companies offering self-storage rental for businesses and organizations, having a social media marketing officer would be a good idea. This officer will take care of all the social media activities of the company and its target audience. He will also be responsible for conceptualizing, implementing, and monitoring various social media campaigns to generate leads and eventually increase the number of customers availing of the self-storage rentals.

Just like any other business, a self-storage rental should have a well-thought-of marketing plan. Not all marketing initiatives are effective for all self-storage rentals. Choosing the ways to market the company would have to depend on what its business goals are.

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