Just like any other equipment that you invest in for business and commercial purposes, your mobile homes, RVs, boats, and similar vehicles are investments that need to be protected. They cost a lot of money to procure and it is essential for you to maximize their use and keep them in great working order for a long time. In order to ensure that your investment is protected, you need somewhere safe to store it. The best option for you is a storage solution made especially for these kinds of vehicles.

What are Business and Commercial Storage Solutions?
You may have heard of personal storage solutions wherein you store small items and appliances that do not fit your home. People would often use this kind of storage solution when they move from a bigger house to a smaller house or when they need to relocate to another location on a temporary basis.
Commercial and business storage solutions offer similar services, except that the storage options vary in terms of size and purpose. Some of these solutions could offer spaces for documents and office equipment while there are those that specialize in bigger items such as RVs, boats, and commercial equipment. There are also those that cater to hauling companies and store trailers, 5th Wheel, & ATV units.

Why Use a Business and Commercial Storage Solution?
The obvious reason is that it is more expensive to buy or rent a piece of property specifically for storing the autos & trucks and commercial equipment that you use in your business. Your vehicles and equipment will also depreciate at a much faster rate if they are not properly stored. You need a business and commercial storage solution if you wish to realize the profits that you projected when you bought your vehicles and equipment.
To illustrate further, here are some of the risks that your autos & trucks and commercial equipment could be exposed to when you do not have dedicated storage space for them:
1. Bumps, dents, and scratches – vehicles parked along the streets or anywhere else where they are not supposed to be are at risk of being hit by other vehicles, by flying objects, and by passersby. The damage that these accidents can result in could be as simple as a scuff mark on your paint job to as serious as a total wreck coming from a fallen tree. Even if you have a huge commercial vehicle, it does not mean that its size makes it immune to damage.
2. Vandalism – you cannot discount the possibility of vandals turning their attention to your company vehicles and commercial equipment. They can paint their gang sign or motto onto the sides of your delivery vans or rip out the advertising tarps on your mobile billboards. The can even deflate or steal the tires of your entire fleet and affect your delivery schedule.
3. Threat of being stolen – when you leave your vehicles and equipment in areas that do not have security guards and CCTV cameras, you are putting them at risk of being stolen. At best, the thieves could just steal a few items inside the vehicles and not run away with your vehicles. Still, whatever they steal would most likely worth some amount of money. Furthermore, the hassle of reporting the whole incident, making a case about it, and filing for your insurance claim is more trouble than you wish to deal with.

What You Will Enjoy with Commercial Storage Solutions
If you have company autos & trucks, boats, RV and motorhome units, trailer, 5th wheel & ATV trucks, and commercial equipment, you can benefit from renting space in commercial and business storage facilities. You get better security and protection for your vehicles and equipment. You also have the flexibility of choosing a storage solution depending on your own specific needs.
Take a look at the following pros of using a commercial storage facility:
1. You can choose how big your storage will be – unlike personal storage facilities where the spaces are pre-built in fixed sizes, business and commercial storage spaces can be configured based on your requirements. You can even scale up or down when your needs change.
2. You still get easy access to your items – you can easily retrieve your stored items easily using the access key or card provided to you. There are some facilities that give you access to your storage unit so you do not have to rely on their personnel to access your items.
3. You can be sure that your equipment and vehicles are secure and protected – storage solutions facilities have their own security personnel and equipment so that your stored items are protected from thieves and vandals. You can rest easy that you will not lose your investments to these criminal elements. Some storage facilities also offer insurance coverage for your stored items in case of a disaster or a calamity. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your items are kept safe and secure.

Storing Small Items
Big items such as RVs and boats are not the only things you can store in a commercial and business storage. You can also use their facilities to store smaller items such as office chairs and other supplies. They have mini storage units available for such instances. Small items that you can store inside mini storage units can include computers, office equipment, and backup data storage. Note that not all facilities offer backup data storage so be sure to check with them first.

Protect Your Investments
There’s great value in choosing to use business and commercial storage solutions. Whether you have personal RV and motorhome units for rent, a set of trailers, 5th wheel, and ATV units, or a fleet of refrigerated delivery trucks your foodservice business, a business, and commercial storage facility is the right choice for you. It is convenient and cost-effective. It is practical yet flexible. Assess your storage requirements and get a quote for the amount of space that you need to store your business vehicles and commercial equipment.

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